The meaning of the word Salat stands for supplication. Salat establishes a strong bond between Allah (S.T) and a Muslim. The Holy Quran is the only source through which one can experience as if Allah (S.T) is communicating with them. However if one desires to communicate with Allah (S.T), Salat is one of the main means. It is therefore essential that we as muslims learn the proper rules and etiquettes to perform Salat. Keeping this need in mind this series of Salat was made. This series also emphasizes how to enhance the spirituality of one’s Salat, thus helping one attain true contentment and peace of heart. (Link: Namaz)


A lecture series on the names of Allah (SWT). (Link: Al-Asma-ul-Husna)

Fiqh and Sunnah

A lecture series on various issues of fiqh and sunnah in the light of the four Sunni madhabs. (Link: Fiqh and Sunnah)

Hajj and Umrah

A lecture series on how to perform Hajj and Umrah and various affairs related to it. (Link: Hajj and Umrah)






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