The word Quran is extracted from the word ‘Qara’. The literal meaning of which is something that is read a lot. Keeping this in mind the Series of Dorai Quran was devised. The main purpose of Dorai Quran is to go through each juz concisely. (Link: Dora-i-Quran)


The objective of khulasi Quran is to summarize each surah individually. This format will be beneficial For those who can’t spare much time to study Tafseer of Quran. It renders a good overview of each surah. (Link: 1. Khulas-i-Quran Urdu; Link: 2. Khulas-i-Quran English)


The aim of tajumanal Quran is to comprehend each juz with concise meaning and tafseer. In this manner Muslims can integrate Quran in their way of lives. (Link: Tarjuman-ul-Quran)


The main objective of tafseerul Quran is to comprehend the Tafseer of Quran extensively so as to irradiate One’s life with the light of Quran. (Link: 1. Tafseer-ul-Quran Urdu; Link: 2. Tafseer-ul-Quran English)


This series of fehm ul quran was made to make children comprehend Quran easily. With the help of easy words and language not only the words of Quran have been opened but the summary of different surah’s have been explained. This thus makes it easy to teach and introduce Quran to children in an easy and effective manner. (Link: Fehm-ul-Quran)


(Link: Mayn-ul-Quran Urdu)


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